We focus on product innovation and use the lastest technology to produce our products. We select sustainable materials and fabrics. We select the best fabrics and suatinable materials to produce hypoalergenic mattresses. A hypoallergenic mattress helps to reduce the effects of allergy triggers including dust mites, mould and bacteria. We invest in research and Development. We are manufacture our mattresses and bed frames. This means we only use the finest sustainable materials to produce our products.

Natural Latex Natural latex is a plant material found most famously in the rubber tree ( Hevea brasiliensis). Latex mattresses are increasingly popular fortheir extreme comfort and durability. They are also associated with eco-friendly practices and enhanced sleep health. Latex is naturally antimicrobial, meaning it repels harmful microorganisms, making latex an excellent choice for people with year-round allergies or anyone too tight on time to sanitize their mattress. Latex is also eco friendlly the processing of latex mattresses encourages tree growth and is extremely sustainable. Natural latex is also biodegradable, ensuring it won’t sit in a landfill for years.

The advantage of organic cotton over standard cotton is that it uses less pesticides and water in its production than normal cotton and it’s more sustainable. An Organic Cotton Colchones allows air and moisture to circulate naturally so you don’t get hot and bothered. It also helps repellingdust mites and is Anti-bacterial. An organic and eco-friendly mattress is made from materials that are natural temperature regulators. If you use this type of mattress, you’ll feel cool even during summer or warm nights. Grown without toxic pesticides, fertilizers, or GMOs—all of which are proven to harm the environment, farmers, and producers—organic cotton is a healthier, more eco-conscious alternative to non-organic textile materials. Organic cotton is healthier for consumers, too. Cotton’s fiber texture is delightful to have against bare skin and its breathability makes clothing and bedding very comfortable. Despite its soft feel, the fibers provide excellent strength. Cotton is highly durable so it remains in good condition for longer than many other materials

Tencel is a natural fibre 100% ecologic.Tencel is a natural fibre made from wood pulp – usually from eucalyptus, beech, birch and spruce trees. Tencel tends to wrinkle less, shrink less and feels softer and more breathable. Tencel is a great choice for anyone seeking long-lasting garments that retain strength, softness and comfort. Compared to cotton, Tencel feels softer and more breathable. As a textile, Tencel feels amazing. It is as soft as silk and as strong as polyester, with antibacterial properties and a cooling effect on your skin. It is a wonderfully soft fabric, breathable, lightweight, comfortable and luxurious to touch. Perfect to be used in mattresses.

With the softness of silk, soy fabric or “vegetable cashmere” is one of the world’s most eco-friendly fabrics. Produced using soy protein derived from the hulls of soybeans, this intriguing textile takes a waste product and transforms it into a usable textile with minimal use of toxic chemicals and limited processing The soy plant was designated one of the Five Sacred Grains. Soy plant has many benefitial properties. This eco friendly fabric is derived from food production waste as it is made from the hulls of soy beans. Sometimes called the “vegetable cashmere”, soyis soft, and is one of the world’s most eco-friendly fabrics. Soy fabric has excellent drape, and it is highly elastic. Though reasonably prone to pilling, soy fabric does not wrinkle, and it doesn’t shrink. With the softness of silk, soy fabric or “vegetable cashmere” is one of the world’s most eco-friendly .

Grapheneis the new textile material. Graphene is a one-atom-thick layer of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal lattice. Thanks to its physical characteristics, graphene has a set of astonishing properties. Graphene helps the body thermal regulation. Graphene is the lightest, strongest, most conductive material ever discovered. It will help regulating your skin temperature Graphene’s thermal conductivity makes it very effective in heat dissipation and moving heat away from the body to maintain a comfortable sleep temperature throughout the night. Sleeping hot is one of the most common causes of disrupted sleep and poor Colchones. Good sleep quality is more than just about comfort. A hygienic sleep environment is part of sleep health. Activated carbon fibers haveColchones properties and can be found in a variety of bedding products from sheets and pillows to mattresses. Carbon’s intrinsic electric conductivity allows carbon fibers in a mattress to help the body discharge accumulated static charge. Some experts say this can promote deeper and more rejuvenating sleep.

Carbonparticles have exceptional properties on textiles. Carbon Fiber and other carbon based materials are being developed to replace other more traditional heat conducting materials. Carbon fibers have several advantages including high stiffness, high tensile strength, low weight to strength ratio, high chemical resistance, high temperature tolerance and low thermal expansion. KOH, H3PO4, ZnCl2, AlCl3, NH4Cl, Na2CO3 y K2CO3

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